Digit Pack is a professional partner of packaging and corrugated cardboard POS suppliers, specialized in corrugated service printing presenting the highest quality standards.
The offered digital printing technology using EFI Nozomi C18000 sets before entirely new quality and standard in this industry, which gives a high competitive advantage over traditional (analogue) technologies such as offset and flexo HD.

Digit Pack – benefit from the difference

Nozomi C18000 is a highly-efficient line offering a broad spectrum of corrugated cardboard sheets printing possibilities.

Our firm’s specialization is solely printing – we are not a packaging or stands manufacturer. We offer our services to all participants of the corrugated cardboard market: packaging, stands, POS manufacturers.

Those benefitting from outsourcing the corrugated cardboard printing in Digit Pack include:

Partners capable of identifying the chances created by our special technology and unique offer

Partners planning on buying their own digital printing house – who up until the time of investing, will build a market and get a real confirmation of its legitimacy

Partners planning on developing sales of high-quality imprinted packaging, without having to incur significant costs of investing in their own machinery park
Partners specialising in short-series and exclusive production, whose production possibilities in the printing area are limited

Strategic partnership and cooperation with Digit Pack guarantee to secure a lasting competitive advantage and receive a real added value in business.

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Digit Pack and Nozomi C18000
direct corrugated cardboard printing

Digit Pack i Nozomi C18000
bezpośredni druk tekturze falistej

Digital printing
– benefit from the difference

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