The corrugated cardboard digital printing technology is an individual category and brand new quality – how do we prepare an offer?

We guarantee a completely individual approach while preparing an offer for our clients, every project is of great importance to us.

The offer is based on the materials delivered by you.
Each graphic project is verified by a specialized group of graphic designers.

In order to prepare a reliable offer, we require the following information:

• graphics / graphical theme
• gross dimensions of the printed sheet (including the technological allowance)
• type of the printed cardboard (fibre composition, flute type)
• transportation options (self-pickup or delivery included in the price – delivery address)
• way of securing – if the goods require a special packaging
• acceptable dimensions of the packaged goods, possible height limits
• acceptable protrusion beyond the pallet’s size
• number of the printed sheets

Our technology’s advantage is the lack of tools usually used in analogue technologies, which means eliminating the production waiting time, enabling the desired modification of the graphical theme and personalizing single graphical themes within the production batch.

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